In its quest to expand their boundaries to the overseas market, Amara Raja Batteries is proven to be a global player in the Industrial Batteries Segment. Today Amara Raja Industrial battery reaches consumer in more than 30 countries in the Middle East Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Australia. Our dedicated R & D and engineering has produced compatible batteries that suit any climatic conditions around the world.

Amaron Quanta

Range : 12 Volts , 7 AH to 200 AH

Technology : VRLA

Amaron Sleek

Range : 12 Volts, 100 AH, 125AH,
150 AH, 170 AH, 190 AH

Technology : VRLA

Amaron Volt

Range : 2 Volts 300 AH to 5500 AH

Technology : VRLA


Range : 2 Volts 100 AH to 6120 AH

Technology : VRLA

The most preferred battery brand in Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East & South East Asian regions.

Emerging battery solution provider for the Telecom industries of South East Asia & Africa.

Established a reputed presence in the overseas market for its excellent quality and performance.