Amaron Brute
Amaron Brute

From the Amara Raja Stable
A Bold, Aggressive & Enduring Performer

Amaron BruteTM is the latest product from the Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. The traction battery is the 2V High Integrity series from Amaron Hi Life Batteries range in tubular series. Amaron BruteTM incorporated with the cutting edge technology offers an unbeatable value proposition for the most demanding and rugged applications in back-up power for motive power. Amaron BruteTM is designed to be a robust, enduring and reliable Battery fulfilling all your requirements of back-up power for motive power applications in harsh outdoor environments.

Unmatched Cyclic Life

Positive Plates are made with a tubular spine made of 100% pure red Lead. The dry filling offers 1600 -1700 cycles @ 80% DoD @ 25°C, thus offering unmatched lower TCO.

100% Leakage Proof

Plastic powder coated tray isolates the battery from the forklift and prevents the electrolyte from penetrating the metallic part of the container. Conventional battery tray corrosion leads to damage of controllers, resulting in huge loss.

Highly Energy Efficient

Replace this with the best in class cast strap (HADI Automatic Machines) with uniform pole bridge that enables high conductivity of current coupled with high purity electrolyte thus, resulting in lower energy consumption while charging.

Performance Edge
Factors that feature in the extra-long life

  • 99.99% Primary lead & 100% red lead in the positive mass, precise & consistent plate weight.
  • Electrolytes with lower specific gravity, high performance of cells with less boost.
  • Gauntlet Design - Reinforced non-woven polyester with small pores, no positive active material shedding, no cell shorts & no excess capacity drop.
  • Ultrasonic welding of the bottom bar eliminates active mass shedding & failures, increases longevity of product.
  • Patented paste mix on positive & negative plates, significantly reducing water consumption.
  • Closed loop circular formation enables cell-to-cell performance consistently in a rank.

Cutting Edge
Design Features


Positive Plates are made with Tubular Spine with 100% pure Red Lead Dry filling, ensuring weight consistency of the plates

  • Long Life Performance with Higher power delivery resulting in high service life
  • Higher Cyclic Life of 1600 -1700 cycles @ 80% DoD @ 25°, offering unmatched lower TCO


Best in class Cast on Strap (HADI Automatic Machines) provides consistent and uniform Pole -Bridge Composition

  • Every cell tested with air pressure for acid leakage
  • Insured from acid leakages
  • High conductivity of the current, results in lower charging costs and prolonged life performance


Plastic powder coating with cutting edge technology

  • Good mechanical support for the cells
  • Defending leakage current & corrosion

Bridge Eneron +TM

Pole terminal designed on Conical Design (10O) with 16 mm Insert Diameter, with run of Bolton Connector with fully Insulated Terminals

  • Energy on Connectors
  • Passive to Heat and Corrosion
  • Aqua Filing Plug (optional)


User friendly diagnosis & maintenance

  • Accessories provided with Flip- top Plugs
  • Low Maintenance Requirements, saving AMC cost to the user

Cell Layout
Designed & Manufactured for
Ultimate Performance & Longevity

Specially made for
24/7 Forklift Operations

Rugged power for electric forklifts

Be it any scale industry, warehouse or outdoor operation Amaron BruteTM, by virtue of having higher latent energy delivers high power discharge for longer periods. It is specifically designed to power heavy duty forklifts that keep toiling multiple shifts a day.

Sturdy from the

Amaron BruteTM is a beast of a battery built to the highest specifications of quality using the best of modern technology and raw materials. Right from the inner components made of optimized alloys to the plastic powder coated outer tray, Amaron BruteTM reeks of superior mechanical strength that can withstand the harshest of conditions. Plastic powder coated tray isolates the battery from the fork lift & prevents the electrolyte from penetrating the metallic part of the container.

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Frequently asked questions

Traction batteries are the batteries used for Motive Power on Electric Material Handling Equipments, Ground Support Equipment & Cleaning Machines in various types of Industries, Warehousing & Logistics and Aviation Segment, and to name a few. It is used to power DC Motors supporting hydraulic & traction movement of MHE’s.

Hi Energy Batteries are chosen to deliver continuous high power & desired back up time. Batteries made with innovative design, right raw materials and produced in an automatic facility are supposed to deliver High Energy in Traction/MHE Applications. Amaron BruteTM Hi Life Batteries has proved its credibility in India for delivering high energy coupled with Unmatched Cyclic Life for Motive Power Applications.

Suitable MHE batteries can be chosen based on duty cycle of your MHE. Our team can help you on it. Pls share your queries with us.

Lead Acid Traction batteries are used in various type of Electric Stacker, Tow Trucks, Forklift, Reach Trucks, Order Picker & Very Narrow Aisle Trucks in the Industry.

Yes, traction batteries are being used for motive power of various type of Industrial Cleaning/Scrubbing Machines. However, off-late for high energy applications, customers choice is turning to Amaron BruteTM Hi Life Batteries.

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At Amara Raja, a bright future is real, living, functioning, and built every day. It is the guiding principle at Amara Raja, powering us to ceaselessly innovate, to explore the new and never-before. Amara Raja are the pioneers of VRLA- Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries in India, bringing the first major advancement in battery technology to the country. Applying its vision to business practices, Amara Raja has consolidated its position in the power management industry as one of the leading players in the Asia-Pacific Region. Amara Raja pioneers the next generation battery technology in India, harnessing technologies that deliver higher power and lasting performance.

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